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Pleb Capital

Hi! We are Pleb Capital
The first Venture Community Capital
Crypto by the pleb, for the pleb.
community & projects

We have designed a hybrid model between the traditional Venture Capital and the decentralized and participatory funding, the first :

Venture Community Capital

We aim to fund innovative projects in the crypto sphere and be the first structure to truly allow and guarantee the community access to seed phases with us.


Reunit Wallet

Reunit is the first truly omni-chain wallet.

This means that a user can, without necessary configuration, simultaneously send tokens from several blockchains at the same time, in the sametransaction, in one click, in the direction of any other blockchain.

Built on top of Layer Zero protocol.


The ultimate airdrop farming tool.

LootBot is a Telegram bot that automates on-chain interactions and acts as a streamline frontend for hundreds of chains.